Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yesterday's Talk

The academic presentation I mentioned in my last post went very well yesterday. I think a lot of people in the academic world and sociology specifically are curious about the world of recreational fishing. They show up like "What could this possibly be about that would interest me?" and then they smile and nod as I show them how important fishing is to so many people--fishermen as well as those in jobs supported by angling. And they seem to share some of my own intrigue in how fishing is also ripe with internal debates, conflicts, and meanings that are often parallel to those in other segments of society but sometimes unique to fishing. In general, it seems that the effect that my research on fishing has had on academics has been to raise awareness and interest among non-anglers. And I think that's a good thing.

I also had the opportunity to talk with an esteemed professor from a prestigious university about my research. He had attended my talk and later sought me out to tell me how much he enjoyed it. He doesn't fish, but he has made his career studying a wide variety of subcultures in the US.   Needless to say, this was a cool moment and a big boost to my self-esteem.

 Thanks to troutbirder for wishing me luck.


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