Monday, April 9, 2012

Really Sad News in Fly Fishing

RIP Jose Wejebe. Wejebe was an amazing angler on both fly gear and traditional gear. He was one of the few TV hosts I could tolerate watching, and one of even fewer that I actually enjoyed. I have been watching his show since the mid 1990's, so I've been a fan for 15 years now. Wejebe's program, Spanish Fly centered on Florida Keys saltwater fly fishing, but also included saltwater fly fishing from all around the globe as well as fishing with traditional gear for offshore species in the Keys region. The show influenced my own addiction to pursuing salty species, and in recent years had been vamped up with more attitude, catchy graphics, improved cinematography, and a more soulful narrative structure. It was a joy to watch, and it remains programmed on my DVR to be saved each week. Will the show disappear now that we mourn the loss of its charismatic host? Whatever happens, Spanish Fly won't be the same, and neither will the flyfishing world. That's for certain. ClickHere for more on this story

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