Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Health Benefits of Fly Fishing

I came across this article from the other day on social media, and I thought these infographics were great. And these are yet more reasons to walk a little farther from the car to find your first spot for the day. Enjoy!



  1. Very interesting find, Tim. I like it. I've been well aware of the health benefits wading in a river all day can have. #wadingainteasy

    I'm surprised there weren't more votes in the "very" section for the first 2 categories.

    1. Thanks, Justin. Wading always surprises me the next day, when my legs and glutes are sore...and that's not counting when I fall on my ass or take an unintentional swim. I agree with you about the "very"s, but often with survey data the substantive difference between two categories in either tail (like "very" vs. "quite") is relatively meaningless or immeasurable; so I clump them together.