Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 season gets off, with hitch

Well, I had a feeling 2013 was going to be hard to top. It was perhaps my best fishing year to date--certainly in the running for the title. But on New Year's Eve, the snow starting coming down here in Chicago, and by Jan. 1, 2014 it was a nightmare. That storm just began to stop dumping snow, hundreds of flights in the midwest still delayed, people on hold for hours, and the roads were dismal if you could even see them--when all the sudden the forecast called for an even worse storm. Now we are in full blown Snowpocalypse with a foot of snow on the ground.  Chicago in 2014 has yet to catch a break.

I bring this up because I have had a trip to St. Augustine, FL planned for this week.  I've got guides booked for 2 days and I've even shipped some gear down there to wait for me. But this morning, I found out my flight for tomorrow was cancelled.  Tiffany was possibly going to be stuck pulling a straight 24-hour double shift at the hospital--such is the life of a nurse in an emergency. But alas, with a little time, a moderate amount of anxiety and miscommunication, and luck, things are starting to look up. We changed our flight times twice but are now scheduled to leave tomorrow on a non-stop flight to Jacksonville, and Tiffany got to come home tonight and get some rest.

The weather down South isn't much better, relatively speaking. We'll arrive to a cold snap that will certainly put the fish down for a while. It will actually get down to 23F tomorrow night in St Augustine. Wild. We'll still wet a line, as you can't catch fish without hooks in the water.

Wish us luck.

I'll be back in time to see you all at our monthly bar flies event, Chi-Tie, on Jan. 13, when I'll demo some slider patterns. For more info, click here.

Cheers to 2014,


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