Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post-Mayan Fly Tyin': The Premier of "Chi-Tie"

About a month ago, Dave from Urban Assault Fly Fishing, a fellow Chicago city resident, came to me with the idea for a "bar flies" type tying event right here in the city. I had seen the pictures from other cities' similar events on Facebook and had been envious. Why shouldn't all fly tyers have a local community? In Chicago, especially, many anglers do not know each other. We sneak out to the Lakefront or Chicago River for a few hours here and there--but with all the concrete in between, we seem to overlook each other.

So anyway, we found a great basement bar--Galway Bay--a few blocks from a very fishy harbor and did the first trial event last night. We were joined by Isaac from Wig Bags (check him out--he makes awesome custom bags for any purpose). Dave and Isaac can tie some flies. Between all of us, there was a nice variety of bugs on the table. The bar staff were cool, too, hanging out around the table to watch and ask about local fishing. Bill, the bartender, even offered up a free round of shots to celebrate our first event.

We are hoping this event grows to become a regular thing with many more participants from the city and surrounding area. Time will tell. We'll be working on recruitment and promotion in the weeks to come. Dave already has a cool "Chi-Tie" logo in the works. Keep an eye out for the final draft.

Thanks to Isaac of Wig Bags for the following pics

See you at the next Chi-Tie in March!



  1. The Chi-Tie is a great idea going to a bar a tying flies. If you wold keep us informed on a time and place the tying takes place.

    Tim from Chicago

    1. Hey Tim,

      Thanks for stopping by. The next Chi-Tie will be on 3/11 (a week from today) at the same place--Galway Bay, 500 W Diversey--at 6:30. We will probably be there until 9:30. It's already looking like we will have more folks at this one. I'm psyched. See you there!

      -Tim, in Chicago

      P.S. We are trying for a 2nd-Monday-of-every-month schedule, just FYI. Also, I'm not sure how familiar you are with parking around the city, but arrive early to look for street side parking and pay at the meters which dispense timestamp stickers for your dash. Public transit is alright but not ideal for this destination (but I'll probably take it anyway).