Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer, pt. II

 Okay, so I hope you enjoyed my last post about honeymooning in the Keys...what an awesome start to summer.

When I got back from Florida, my friend Tom was anxious to show me some of the smallmouth bass spots he'd been scouting with some luck. This is on a small river in central Illinois. He showed me how he presents the fly on a greased line swing, which proved to be the ticket! Tom is a great angler who has a couple decades of flyfishing under his belt. He likes classic flies tied with natural materials. I like whatever works in a given situation.

In this case, we were using crayfish imitations. I tied on the only crappy rendition of a Barr's Meat Whistle I could tie the night before.
They've gotten a lot better looking since, trust me. 

The first smallmouth of summer was a beautiful 18" bronze

And there were a lot of bites when you could find them.
Tom also despises my homemade stripping basket. He's never fished the mid-Atlantic surf...

I love those red eyes.

This month they've switched modes to prefer baitfish patterns. Tom is a big fan of fishing two-fly rigs all season. Mostly he uses a 9' tapered leader + 2' tippet + weighted crayfish pattern, beadhead bugger, or Clouser minnow + muddler minnow, wet fly or unweighted bugger. 

If you ever fall face-first into a smallmouth, this is what you'll see.
I like my pictures like I like my potatoes--mashed.

Whatever Tom does, I try to imitate. It's worked so far. And it's almost time for steelhead around here--Tom's favorite. I'm hoping he calls me...

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